Read our exclusive interview with A Christmas Snow director, Tracy Trost

Over the summer Christmas Flick staff writer, Shane Furr, had the pleasure of interviewing ‘A Christmas Snow’ Director Tracy Trost.

Tracy, thank you for taking the time to sit down with Christmas Flick.

Your very welcome. I am glad to be able to share A Christmas Snow with you.

Tracy, you serve as Executive Producer, Director and Co-writer, so in many ways this is your movie. Tell us a little about yourself and Trost Moving Pictures?

Well that’s a big question. I have been in television production for the past 20 years. I have shot in over 40 countries and done live broadcasts to over 210 countries at one time. Directing movies has been a dream of mine since I was a young kid. Two years ago my staff at Trost Consulting challenged me to go out and do it. My wife followed up with the same challenge. I decided that if I was going to direct a movie I wanted it to be an original story so I wrote the first draft over a family vacation. After that I called in about every favor I had and we shot FIND ME over 9 days in November of 08. It was a great experience which lead to my next feature A Christmas Snow.

What was Candace’s (co-writer) and your inspiration for the story? Any personal influences?

When I was thinking of the next story I wanted to do something that could speak to a large audience. Good Christmas stories are always fun. People really enjoy them. I remember mulling the idea of ACS around for a couple weeks until I felt I had a solid story. I was golfing with a good friend of mine Dr. Gary Lee, and I told him the story. He loved it. I told him I wanted his daughter Candace to work on the story with me. She is a talented writer and I needed to have a woman’s perspective since the main character is a woman. I approached Candace with the idea and she came on board. She brought a lot of insight into the character of Kathleen and she was very involved in the development of Lucy.

We can certainly tell this is an emotional movie dealing with many aspects, including abandonment by a parent. What did you and the actors draw from to portray this?

I guess I can’t speak for the actors on what they drew from, but for myself I drew from conversations with people I have met throughout my life. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet all sorts of people. The one thing I have found to be true is that no matter where you go people are people. We pretty much have the same wants, needs, and desires. Most people weather they know it or not are dealing with some sort of hurt or has unforgeivness from their past. It may not be a parent leaving, but they are carrying this thing that has put unseen limits on their lives and they don’t know it. In ACS I was showing Kathleen and the pain she carries with her everyday from her father leaving her when she was a kid. She felt that if she could control every situation in her life then no one could get in and no one could leave her again. The truth of the situation is that the walls of protection she put up keeps people out and keeps her from having a good relationship with other people. She is limiting who she can be and who she should be in her life. We have all done this at one time or another in our lives. Some of us have been able to let go and move on, while others hold on and live through the glasses tinted by the event. We can all let go of these things if we will be willing to forgive and let go of the event and the person that did it to us.


After showing the movie to a group of people one time I had a woman come up to me and say – Forgiveness doesn’t have to be a BAD thing. She felt that if she forgave someone it would almost be as if that person won. She felt that forgiving would be the weaker thing to do. The truth is the opposite. Forgiving is what strong people do and when you do it you will learn it will make you even stronger.

You’ve got a great cast assembled from Mary Catherine Stewart (Last Starfighter) to Muse Watson (I Know What You Did Last Summer), What drew you and your casting director to them?

I was familiar with Catherine’s work and when I was working on casting the film I thought of her. I am very glad it worked out. She brought a depth to the part of Kathleen that I didn’t even expect. She understood the character and she portrayed her in a very real way. Catherine is truly a great person in real life. I consider is my pleasure to have gotten to know her.

Muse was a last minute addition and I couldn’t picture anyone else doing the part. He became Sam and he performance was very real and heart felt. He brought a depth to the part that blew me away. Just like Catherine, Muse is an outstanding individual and I am proud to call him friend.

Cameron was cast out of Dallas. I had seen about 200 girls that tried out for the part between online submissions and try outs in Dallas and Tulsa. Cameron stood out among all the girls. She is a true talent and takes direction better than most seasoned actors. I was truly blessed with the cast on this movie.

This is such a standard question, but I’ve got to ask… with most boys in the Eighties I had a huge crush on Catherine Mary Stewart. How was it working with her and what did she bring to the production? (Please, tell her hello for me too!)

Well, not sure what to say about your crush. I think you would have to get in a very long line. The important thing to know about Catherine is that she is even more beautiful inside as she is in her outward appearance. I consider it an honor to have had her on my set. She is a very collaborative actor and helped me in refining Kathleen. We sat in my office one day for about 4 hours and re-wrote several scenes together. It made the movie that much better. Ill be sure to put in a good word for you.

From the looks of it, you’ve embraced the internet from Facebook to Twitter. How has this helped in marketing “A Christmas Snow”?

I have to give a lot of credit to Joseph Jestus my marketing director and to Rhonda Boudreaux my publisist. They are dedicated to this project and they have given it the presence it has on the interent and outside of the internet. Facebook has been a great way to get the word out about ACS and has been great in connecting with the fans on a personal level.

Tracy, in closing, what does Christmas mean to you?

ACS is an opportunity for me to deliver a message of hope and healing. Christmas is a great time of joy, but for many it is a desperate lonely time. If this movie can in any way help someone see there is hope and there is a way out through forgiveness then I say job well done. ACS is an entertaining story that has a great message that if you are willing to hear can help you be the person you really want to be.

Thank you for time and the best of luck to you and A Christmas Snow, we all at Christmas Flick cannot wait to see it!

Thanks for the interview. I appreciate your support.

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