Have some fun playing Christmas Movie Bingo this holiday season.

If you’re like me you love every Christmas movie ever made… ok, maybe not EVERY Christmas movie ever made, but probably most of them. What we love about most Christmas movies? The fact that they set out to capture the most wonderful time of the year and the symbols we associate with the season. Cold weather, family gatherings, Christmas trees, holiday parties, decorated cities, and the like.. all to tell a touching tale meant to warm the viewer’s heart.

Recently, I was playing around over at WeLuvBingo.com, and I had an idea. How about a game of Christmas movie bingo? Don’t you think a game of Christmas movie bingo would be a lot of fun for the whole family? I sure do! Everyone loves to play bingo – from little kids on up to great great Grandma! How much fun would it be to share a holiday gathering watching your favorite Christmas movie and playing Christmas movie bingo. The entire family is sure to have a blast!

So, how to play? Easy… Select a Christmas movie to watch. Comedies are my favorite and I think the best for this game, but you decide. You could find a good Christmas movie on Hallmark, ABC Family, or Lifetime pretty much anytime during the holiday season.

Before the movie begins, print or fill out your BINGO cards. You can have everyone randomly fill in their BINGO grid with items from the list. You are allowed to make your selection based on the movie description.

As you watch the movie, call out the elements as they occur and mark it. Arguing over whether a scene in the movie qualifies, is part of the fun.

The first one to get a complete row crossed off wins.

Here’s a list of suggestions:

crying – tears
rich (or very smart) man saves the day
charity case
snowed in
carolers or choir
Santa Claus
ice skating scene
miracle moment
lost loved one
guilt trip
crazy elder
Scrooge-like person
mysterious ringing or chimes
secret or scam
unscrupulous person
pathetic Christmas Tree
homeless person
bell ringer
hot man without shirt
holiday hookup
ultimate Christmas gift
precocious child
mass dancing
serious injury or illness
holiday breakup
car trouble or accident
jealous moment
unpaid bills
dinner disaster
Christmas Eve engagement
full moon
tree lighting
Winter carnival
snow globe
drunk scene
Santa letter
brush with the law
handy man about town
tacky product placement
financial crisis
holiday engagement
homemade ornament
holiday name
Secret Santa
frazzled parent
religious person
robbery or burglary
fashion or hair disaster
sleigh ride
bake sale/baking
moment of clarity or closure
holiday decoration competition
Crazy for Christmas
slo-mo scene
dream sequence
dysfunctional family
candy cane
childhood disappointment
mistaken identity
snowball fight
lost/need directions
meeting by collision
“really stupid moment that insults our intelligence”
Divorced couple get back together
Presents get ruined
Someone wishes on a star
Drunken Santa
Someone falls off roof
sexy Santa costume
a white Christmas
Santa hat used to cover genitals
red Robin on a branch
snowman melts

Another version I came across over at the bingo Maker. They have names of Christmas movies instead of the ordinary bingo numbers. The word list includes movies like A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa, Christmas Eve and Christmas Vacation that makes the bingo game a perfect vocabulary classroom activity.

If you love to play online bingo and you are still feeling in the festive mood then why not get the whole family together and play a game of Christmas bingo?