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Christmas Movie Review: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoons:  Christmas Vacation

The Story (Potential Spoilers)

Clark Griswold is planning the perfect family Christmas.  From finding the most gorgeous Christmas tree, decorating the house in a most extravagant fashion, to even having the extended family over for the long holiday vacation.

The perfect Christmas indeed, unless your Clark Griswold.  You see, nothing ever seems to go right for Clark.  Well, at least when it concerns “vacations”.

Thankfully, nothing goes right.  Unexpected visit from Cousin Eddie’s family (and Snot), getting trapped in the attic, burning down the tree, yacking up a bone, nosing through the trash, the crapper being full, no bonus, flirting with the lingerie saleswoman, building a pool, hanging the lights, destroying the neighbor’s home, run off the road, jelly of the month club, non nutritive cereal varnish, speed sledding, squirrel running rampant, kidnapping, senile kin folks, cats that sped nine lives, blue leisure suit, exploding turkey, barking for the yak woman, sap on the hands, eyes frozen shut, sewer gas and a partridge in a pear tree.  Well, skip the last one.

Which all leads to the true meaning of Christmas.  Whew,what a ride!

My Thoughts

I dedicate this review to the Griswold Family Christmas.

I’ll get it out of the way right off the bat;  this is simply the quintessential Christmas comedy.  From gut busting laughs to tender moments of reflection, Christmas Vacation runs the gambit of Christmas cheer.

To tell you how much I love this movie, I still remember the date and theater I originally saw it…..December 9, 1989 at the Regency, left side, about mid way up from the front.  Yeah, I know that’s bad.  I remember laughing so hard, my side hurt.  My family was in tears as well.

Christmas Vacation captured the rare laughs that escape so many other comedies.   We all laugh the first time, but just thinking about certain scenes makes you bust out sitting at your desk at work.  Those are the laughs that last and Christmas Vacation is full of them.

Actually, I can barely write this review without laughing.  I also remember watching it German, knowing exactly what’s going, I didn’t have to understand the dialogue.  The delivery of the German voice dub was great and certain lines in that language was awesome.  Yeah, you know the lines.

I could go on and on regarding Christmas Vacation.  For your sake, I will not.

This is turning into more of a reflection than a review, but that should tell you how great a film this is.

In summary, Christmas Vacation is a rare comedy.  One that delivers comedic moments to remember forever and tender times in which a tear may just well up.  This movie is the mother of all Christmas comedies and the rare film the evokes laughs at all times of the year.

Christmas Vacation is a grand slam!

Highest Possible Recommendation

My Score

10 Candy Canes out of 10

Christmas Vacation Trailer

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