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Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #9 Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2


Christmas in July, already.  It’s hard to believe that we’re over halfway to the big day.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Thinking about Christmas in July, it’s fun and it’s practice for some.  The staging point, a milestone and a little innocent fun to be had, but it’s not really Christmas.

That’s what got me thinking about movies set during Christmas, but not really about Christmas.  You know those movies that make a passing mention of the holiday or it’s outdoor scenes that are snow covered or you see the decorations, but it’s not integral to the plot.


So in honor of Christmas in July, I present the Top Ten Not-Christmas but Kinda Christmas Movies, now presenting


#9 Die Hard 2…….

Nothing says Christmas like terrorists, airports and John McClane.  Well, okay, maybe not!  Die Hard 2 is set during the Christmas season and has those wonderful snowscapes, albeit they’re in a blur most of the time as McClane tries to stop the escape of a noted drug lord.  Christmas abounds in Die Hard 2, in the background at least.

So what’s it about:

After the terrifying events in LA, John McClane (Willis) is about to go through it all again. A team of terrorists, led by Col. Stuart (Sadler) is holding the entire airport hostage. The terrorists are planning to rescue a drug lord from justice. In order to do so, they have seized control of all electrical equipment affecting all planes. With no runway lights available, all aircraft have to remain in the air, with fuel running low, McClane will need to be fast. (courtesy IMDB)

One thing is for sure, you’ll never view icicles the same way after this one.


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