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Christmas Movie Review: Christmas Cupid

Christmas Cupid

The Story (Potential Spoilers)

The film follows Sloane, a beautiful, stylish and on the fast track to success at her public relations firm. After her client Caitlin winds up in a coma and becomes her own personal ghost of Christmas past, present and future; she finds out first hand that her unethical ways need to change and reuniting with a past jilted lover may be the answer. 

Formally titled Ex-Mas List.

My Thoughts

 I am not going to do an in-depth review, because I simply loathe this film. 

 I was initially drawn to Christmas Cupid due to Christina Milian.  She was charming in Snow Globe and expected no less from her in Christmas Cupid.

 Unfortunately, Christmas Cupid did not deliver, Christmas Milian did not deliver.  A wasted effort mixing the Christmas Carol formula with the supposed teen – twenty something wit/angst that ABC Family has seemed to recently de-evolve to in their recent productions.

 Most films I can recommend at least one viewing, this one doesn’t fall into that category.

 The Top Ten Worst Christmas movies will most certainly need to be revised next year.

My Score

There’s no coal in the stocking for this one, Santa didn’t even want to waste the time for that.  Avoid at all costs.

1.5 Candy Canes out of 10

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