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Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #8 Home Alone 4

8. Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House

What’s it about:

It’s tough being nine. Tougher still is spending Christmas with dad (Jason Beghe) at his new girlfriend Natalie’s (Joanna Going) mansion even though it’s loaded with all the techno-gadgets any kid could hope for! But this Christmas, Kevin (Michael Weinberg) is really in hot water again, and so are Marv (French Stewart) and his sidekick (Missi Pyle), who are trying to rob Natalie’s house!

Why is “Home Alone 4″ #8:

All I can say is be thankful that you’re not higher on the list. 

Home Alone 4 is a travesty from the beginning, dishonoring the name Home Alone.  Granted the first two Home Alone movies were not Oscar caliber films, but they were fun in a Looney Tune fashion. 

All the roles have been recast and Kevin’s parents have split.  The most unfortunate re-cast is French Stewart playing Marv.  Sorry, French, this role belongs to Joe Pesci.  And of course, Kevin belongs to Macauley Culkin.  Yeah, I know he’s way too old for the role, but that should have made 20th Century Fox realize that three Home Alone movies were enough (Actually two was, but I’ll give #3 a pass, for now).

Now we can wait for the inevitable sequel, involving a now grown Kevin, leaving Kevin Junior at home. 

The List So Far:

10.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Live Action)

9.  Surviving Christmas

8.  Home Alone 4








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