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Night of the Meek-1960


The Night of the Meek is a episode of the classic television show ” The Twilight Zone” that aired on December 23rd, 1960 and starred Art Carney as the lead character.


Art Carney stars as Henry Corwin, a drunk and dejected hobo with a good heart who obtained a seasonal role as a Santa Claus for a nearby department store.  Henry is seen finishing a sandwich and having a few drinks and a nearby tavern but is thrown out when he runs out of money. He heads back to the department store to finish his shift as Santa Claus but is noticeably drunk when a parent forces her child to sit on Santas lap.  Henry is then taken by Mr. Dundee, the store manager to the front of the store and informed that he is fired due to his actions. Henry Corwin pours out his heartache about his living conditions where ” living in a dirty roaming house on a street filled with hungry kids and shabby people”  Henry continues to pour more emotions as the patrons in the department store listen to him as he tells Mr. Dundee that he drinks so he doesn’t have to weep over what he sees every day.

Henry leaves the department store and stumbles into a alleyway where he hears sleigh bells and comes across a sack thats filled with packages which can be whatever someone asks for or wants. Henry makes his way to Sister Florences ” Delancey street mission house” where many men who are dressed in rags are attending a Christmas eve service. Henry begins to hand out gifts to them from the bag he recently found in the alley. Sister Florence goes outside and finds a police officer who arrests Henry under the suspicion that he stole the gifts from the department store he was employed with as a Santa Claus.

The police contact Mr. Dundee to advise him of the stolen items and advise him to come to the police station. Mr. Dundee arrives and begins to take things out of the bag but only discovers cans and garbage.  Mr. Dundee becomes angry that his time was wasted on such a busy evening and challenges Henry to pull out a bottle of 1903 vintage Cherry Brandy which Henry pull out of the bag for Mr. Dundee and heads out of the precinct.  Henry continues to hand out gifts until a local man asks Henry why he hasn’t taken anything for himself. Henry informs the man that his only wish is to do this every year.

Henry heads back to the alley where he found the bag , he comes across four reindeer and a elf and a sleigh where he is taken off to take the role as the eternal Santa Claus.

The Night of the Meek holds a timeless feeling that should be felt every Christmas season. The feeling of helping your fellow man and not letting the holiday hussle make you forget whats important this time of year.

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