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The ideal Christmas Eve Lineup!!

This essay is my contribution to a larger project in which several Christmas bloggers get to set the TV  lineup for one of the greatest days of the year..Christmas Eve!!  Check out Jing’s post here, and Joanna’s post at Christmas TV here.


Yogi’s First Christmas– This title has a timeless classic that cannot be beat, Yogi’s First Christmas came out in 1980 and has a wonderful mix of humor and heartwarming songs to make you feel like a kid all over again. Childhood Hanna- Barbera classics like Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound and the rest of the gang provide a magical feeling for the holidays. This would make a wonderful noon viewing spot on Christmas eve as the Santa anticipation kicks into gear.

Garfield’s Christmas- A staple for me every Christmas season and how i long for the days when Garfield was a prime time CBS special. Garfield’s Christmas came out in 1987 and use to entertain kids every year till it faded into Christmas past. A scrooge like Garfield makes this a humorous and enjoyable classic that deserves top billing along with Frosty and Rudolph. If i could pick a time slot i would have this on late afternoon while the smells of Christmas Eve dinner are filling the house.

Miracle on 34th Street-  Can someone provide a better movie to have on Christmas eve morning?!?!?  How can you beat a classic movie about the love for Santa Claus!! Edmund Gwyn does a wonderful job capturing our hearts as Kris Kringle and with a outstanding supporting cast shows us that you’re never to old to believe in Santa. This special i would have slotted at 8am Christmas eve to start out the day.

A Christmas Carol- George C . Scott- There are so many versions of A Christmas Carol to enjoy during the year but my favorite was always the George C. Scott version. He does a magnificent job as Ebenezer Scrooge and the supporting case fills their roles perfectly. This was another childhood memory that CBS aired on Christmas eve and thats exactly how i would have it again, 8pm on Christmas eve is where this special belongs.

It’s a Wonderful Life- Yes, this is actually on Christmas eve and it should always be on Christmas Eve. Who would of thought someone could be shown so clearly what their life would be like if they were never born. Jimmy Stewart is amazing as George Bailey and who doesn’t love Clarence Odbody AS2 ( AS2 What’s that?  better watch if you don’t know!!).  I have watched this classic since i was a kid and still get teary eyed at the end. Give me this one for the late afternoon/ early evening

Yule Log- This could be from memories of growing up in New York and having the Yule Log on Christmas eve night from 9pm- midnight. The peaceful feeling of the fireplace going with the soft sounds of Christmas carols playing in the background gave a feeling of peace and comfort. There were no problems and everyone was happy. It was simply a yule log burning in a fireplace on the television but it was a sign of comfort for those that enjoyed it. Perfect for the night while trying to get the kids to bed!!


Night of the Meek- A Twilight Zone special that aired December 23rd 1960 about a good natured hobo named Henry Corbin ( played by Art Carney) who gets a seasonal job as a Santa Claus for a nearby department store. When he is fired from the department store due to his drinking, Mr. Corbin provides an emotional speech on the crass commercialism effecting the Christmas season. Mr. Corbin down on his luck stumbles across a bag full of presents and a young elf which gives us the indication that Mr. Corbin will be delivering presents around the world.  There are very few TV specials that can give you a feeling of happiness but also make you realize what the Christmas season is really suppose to be in our minds and our hearts.  This 30 minute classic should be on at 11:30pm Christmas eve to end right when Christmas day is starting!!





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