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Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #9 Surviving Christmas

9. Surviving Christmas

What’s it about:

Drew Latham is an executive leading an empty, shallow life. As Christmas approaches, he wants to revisit his childhood home and possibly relive some old holiday memories. But when he arrives, he finds that it is no longer the home he grew up in. Inhabited by another family, Drew offers a nice financial reward that has the family frenzied . But is Drew’s Christmas contract only the beginning of an annoying visitor whose a little too overeager to celebrate Christmas?

Why is “Surviving Christmas” #9:

2003/2004 were a rough couple of years for Ben Affleck.  His high profile romance with Jennifer Lopez had fizzled and he began a massive creative slump, which included Gigli, Paycheck and Jersey Girl.  Oh and Surviving Christmas, also.

The premise sounds fun enough, lonely man wants to revisit childhood home and relive Christmas memories.  Unfortunately, as with Affleck’s other movies during this time, it just plain isn’t any good.  There are a few laughs about, but overall this and the other bombs on Ben’s resume caused him to take a two year hiatus.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough to keep Surviving Christmas from celluloid.

Surviving Christmas is a love / hate movie.  I just happen to come in on the latter.

Stay tuned for #8…….

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