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Casper the Friendly Ghost – To Boo or Not to Boo (1951)


The classic Halloween episode I want to share with you today is the 1951 short – Casper the Friendly Ghost – To Boo or Not to Boo.

Poor little Casper, the Friendly Ghost just wants to make friends and join in on the Halloween festivities. When a couple of kids let him invite him to come trick or treating with them, he thinks he’s finally going to fit in.


But he visits the neighbor’s house for candy, they realize he’s a real ghost! Everyone is terrified of him and poor Casper, the friendliest little specter, gets abandoned on Halloween.

Little sad Casper is wandering around in misery when he stumbles upon a Halloween Costume barn dance.


As he watches the people dancing around, in their costumes, he stumbles into a bucket of white wash. This gives Casper an idea.


He decides to cover himself in the paint and goes to the dance. He meets a giggly young girl who takes an instant liking to him. The dance and play games like pin the tale on the donkey.


Casper is having such a great time dancing with with the guests at the party. When he’s accidentally thrown in water and the crowd realizes he’s a real ghost, they all shriek in fear and run away!


But not his giggly little friend. Casper asks her why she isn’t scared. She reveals that she’s in costume, too! Looks they have more in common than he thinks!


This is just a sweet cartoon that you are sure to enjoy no matter your age. When Casper and his little friend ghost skip off into the woods, it’s the cutest and happiest ending ever. I’m not sure if this still airs on TV or not, but you can watch it here in it’s entirety.

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