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The Simpsons ” Treehouse of Horror”- 1990


This Halloween special was the third episode of the Simpsons second season.  It started out as a simple Halloween episode for a popular sitcom on the Fox network but later turned into a Halloween classic.

The Simpsons

The special starts with Marge Simpson coming on stage to advise parents that they may want to put young children in bed early because the animated special may appear scary to them. I found this to be a responsible move to be cautious of how kids would feel about this special. Then we see Bart, Lisa and Maggie in the treehouse telling scary stories and Homer listening from the outside.

Bad Dream

The first story is called “Bad Dream House” . The Simpson family moves into a old house that they bought cheap which is built on a ancient indian burial ground.  When they move in they notice the walls are bleeding and objects are flying through the air. Marge wants to leave immediately but Homer asks her to sleep on it. That night the spirit of the house manipulates the minds of Homer, Lisa and Bart to chase each other around with knives, axes and other weapons. When Marge see’s them she confronts the house and tells the house that it will have to deal with living with them. The house asks the Simpsons to leave for a minute to think about the idea. The house decides to destroy itself rather than live with the Simpsons.


The second story is called “Hungry are the Damned” which is a spoof of the Twilight Zone classic ” To Serve Man”. The Simpsons are in the backyard having a BBQ when a spaceship arrives and takes the Simpsons aboard their spaceship. The Simpsons see Klang and Kudos for the first time ( which turn out to be regulars in every Simpsons Halloween special going forward).  The aliens inform the Simpsons that they are taking them to their home planet of Rigel IV ” a world of infinite delights” for a feast.  The aliens then provide the family with a large amount of food to gorge on and then weigh them to see how much weight they have gained.  Lisa becomes suspicious and explores the ship where she finds a cookbook called ” How to cook for humans”, Lisa becomes more spectacle and blows off more dust and see that it reads ” How to cook forty humans” . When Lisa approaches the aliens and informs her parents of the cookbook. The Aliens take the cookbook and blew off more dust and showed that it read ” How to cook for forty humans”. Enraged that Lisa didn’t trust them causes the aliens to return the Simpsons back home and inform them that they lost the chance at paradise.


The third and final story has Lisa reading the classic by Edgar Allen Poe known as ” The Raven”. In this adaption, Bart is shown as the Raven, Homer is the role of the main character, Lisa and Maggie play the role of seraphim and Marge is shown in a painting as Lenore.  The voiceover is done by James Earl Jones.

homer scared

The episode closes with Bart, Lisa and Maggie leaving the treehouse and not showing any sign that they are scared however Homer is outside of the treehouse shivering in fear. Homer heads for bed and indicates that he hates Halloween.  The Treehouse of Terror has been a staple of the Simpsons franchise every Halloween for over 20 years and have varied in interest but the original was excellent. It was humorous and for younger audiences could of been rather creepy. The Simpsons took a risk and made a Halloween episode with some eerie parts to it ( Hungry are the Damned primarily) and in my opinion did a great job with ” the Raven”. If you haven’t seen this special, be sure to this Halloween.

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