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Garfield’s Halloween Adventure- 1985



Everybody has their own childhood memories when Halloween comes around and has that one favorite holiday special that they want to watch. Mine has been ” Garfield’s Halloween Adventure” since it came out in 1985.

Garfield is woken early in the morning by the classic Binky the Clown show where he is advised by Binky that Halloween is today. Garfield expresses his excitement and then goes back to sleep.  He awakens several hours later where he decides to sneak up on Jon and Odie and give them a Halloween scare. After some thinking, Garfield realizes if he brings Odie along to trick or treat he could get double the candy.

After Garfield and Odie pick out pirate costumes, they head out trick or treating and have a successful night with full bags of candy. Garfield is about to call it a night but Garfield notices more houses on the other side of the river. In Garfield’s greedy mind, he figures he can get even more candy if they can get to the other houses. So, Garfield and Odie take a rowboat across the river but start sailing downstream .  Garfield tells Odie to put out the oars, however Odie ends up throwing the oars out of the boat causing the boat to be at the mercy of the stream.

The boat ends up sailing to an old creepy looking house where Garfield and Odie notice a light in the window. They go and take a peek and see a room with a fireplace going, they decide to warm themselves by the fire and enter the house. While they are sitting by the fire, they turn around and see a old man sitting in a chair which startles Odie and Garfield.


The old man tells a story about a group of pirates who were being chased by government troops and ended up burying a treasure in the floor of the house they were in. They signed a blood oath to return for the treasure 100 years later at midnight even if it meant coming back from the grave.  The old man goes on to say that the pirates had a 10 year old cabin boy and he was that boy. He could of taken the treasure but he knew the pirates  would of found him.  Garfield and Odie decide to leave and ask the old man if he wants to join them but he has already left and taken the boat.

The clock chimes to midnight and a ghostly ship materializes in the water heading to the house.  Garfield and Odie hide in a cabinet and watch the pirate ghosts enter the house.  Odie sneezes and the cabinet door opens causing the pirates to see him. Garfield and Odie make a run for it and jump in the water which causes Odie to have to save Garfield from drowning.

The two come to shore and see there boat with the bags of candy in it. Garfield and Odie had back home where Garfield gives Odie his bag for saving his life. Garfield decides to watch some tv but sees the old man hosting a pirate movie marathon . Garfield turns off the tv and heads to bed.

If you haven’t seen this halloween special yet,  you are missing a classic!! don’t go another Halloween without watching “Garfield’s Halloween adventure” it will be a staple to your fall collection.








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