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Jingle all the way- 1996

Okay, i will be the first to admit, thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad in a Christmas movie probably isn’t going to win over any movie fanatic from taking ” A Christmas Story” or ” It’s a Wonderful Life” off of the pedestal. I also can’t promise you that you will love this movie after reading this review but if you go in with a open mind, there is something this movie can do…make you laugh!!

Arnold plays the role of Howard Langston, a workaholic mattress salesman who spends more time at work then with his wife Liz and young son Jamie( who later became young anakin skywalker for star war fans out there). Howard is so overworked that he ends up missing his sons Karate tournament which is the last straw in Jamie’s mind and starts ignoring his father. Harold decides to redeem himself by getting Jamie the one toy he is most anxious to get for Christmas which is a action figure known as Turbo Man.

Little did Howard know that this is the most popular Christmas toy ever ( think Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids) which leads Howard on a wild hunt to find someone that still has this toy on Christmas Eve. On his hunt he runs into Myron Larabee ( Sinbad) who is a postal worker also on the hunt for a Turbo Man for his son.  The two become competitors trying to be the first one to get there hands on this coveted toy.


While this is happening, Howard’s divorced neighbor Ted ( Phil Hartman) does everything he can to make Howard look bad in the eyes of Howard’s wife and son by showing what a wonderful father he could be by undermining Howard in every way to make him look less worthy of his wife and son.


Howard and Myron eventually cross paths again and actually have a heart to heart talk which we learn why Myron is so adamant about finding a Turbo Man for his son while Howard realizes he has spent to much time away from his family and decides to head home when he see’s his neighbor putting the christmas star on his tree which triggers Howard to take the Turbo man thats wrapped under the tree for Teds son.  Howards wife and Ted catch Howard doing this and a disappointed Liz asks Ted to take them to the popular Wintertainment parade without Howard.

Howard decided that it’s time to make peace with his family and heads to the parade but when he gets there it is assumed he is there to play Turbo Man who makes a appearance at the end of the parade. Howard finds out that he gets the honor of choosing a kid to present a limited edition Turbo Man action figure to a lucky child in the audience who ends up being Jamie.  Once Jamie gets the doll, Myron shows up dressed as Turbo Man’s arch enemy Dementor!!! a chase scene begins which results in Howard saving Jamie and showing him that he is Turbo Man and patches things up with his family. Jamie decides to give the Turbo man doll to Myron because he doesn’t actually need a doll when he has the real turbo man at home.


Jingle all the way definitely has moments that make you want to laugh at loud and if you ever worked retail during the holiday season, especially in a toy store ( as i did during the Tickle me Elmo season..i still have nightmares!!) and Arnold and Sinbad work well together in this movie. I did feel though there were some scenes that just felt like time filler and didn’t add to the movie ( The chase scene at the parade for example).  If you are looking for a holiday classic to enjoy a cup of cocoa to with the christmas lights on, this one may not work for you but if you want to sit back, laugh and have a good time then Jingle all the Way is the movie to put in the DVD player.



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