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It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Christmas Movie Review



It’s a Wonderful Life is a beloved Christmas movie that explores the worth of a single man’s life. There are moments of joy and moments of sadness that occur though out the film but Frank Capra works his magic to make you feel like you are the everyday man or in this case George Bailey.

It’s a Wonderful Life starts us off on Christmas Eve night wondering who are the townspeople of Bedford Falls sending prayers up to heaven for? We then find out that the prayers are for George Bailey ( Jimmy Stewart) who is executive director of a small building and loan found by his father and the only institution not owed or under the control of Mr. Potter ( Lionel Barrymore) who is the richest, meanest man in Bedford Falls.

The angels hear the prayers from the townspeople and prepare an angel named Clarence Oddbody down to earth before something terrible happens to George Bailey.  Clarence learns all about George’s life from the time he was a little boy where George saved his brother from drowning and prevented the town druggist from poisoning a kid to George growing up and dreaming of travels around the world and building amazing structures.


Clarence also sees George’s frustration with watching his friends get out of Bedford falls and gain financial wealth where George stays in Bedford falls are runs the Bailey Building and Loan after his father’s passing. George marries a neighborhood girl named Mary Hatch ( Donna Reed) and they have a family but George still hopes to see life outside of Bedford Falls.

Once Christmas Eve arrives and Georges Uncle and business associate heads to the bank to make a deposit, Mr. Potter who has done everything he can to make George’s life miserable comes across the money which causes George to face scandal, financial ruins and jail time.  George considers ending his life and feels he is worth more dead than alive.

Clarence Oddbody makes his appearance and tries to convince George not to go through with suicide but George doesn’t want to listen so an incredible gift is given to George , the chance to see what life would be like without him as if he was never born. He sees what Mr. Potter does to the town he grew up in and what horrible lives his family and friends have in this alternate life. George slowly learns what a impact he had on the people around him and in a very emotional moment asks Clarence to let him live again.

It’s a Wonderful life is a classic Christmas movie that is usually a staple on television every Christmas Eve. It’s a Wonderful Life not only is this a wonderful movie to watch during the holiday season but also to keep in your heart and mind all year long. Everyone’s life means something and as Clarence indicates at the end of the movie “ No man is a failure that has friends”.


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