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White Christmas (1954) Christmas Movie Review


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I never cared for this movie as a kid. If it wasn’t animated, it wasn’t a Christmas movie! But years went by, I grew up, and I grew to appreciate old films. In fact, I became fascinated with them. As a result, White Christmas became my favorite classic (live action) Christmas movie. Surprisingly though, it’s one of those holiday movies that rarely gets mentioned anymore. My wife and daughter give me a frunchy face when I mention that we’re going to watch White Christmas, so I always end up putting in something more to their liking. They’ve never seen it! This year though, I’m going to make them watch it once. If they don’t like it after that, I’ll never bother them about it again.

White Christmas stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney (Yes, she is related to George Clooney, which is her nephew). Released in 1954, White Christmas takes us back to the war on a Christmas Eve night, when Bob (Bing Crosby) is performing a somber rendition of White Christmas for the troops. The somber mood is brought on when the troops hear that their commander is being relieved of duty. When the war ends, Bob and fellow soldier Phil (Danny Kaye) end up working on broadway musicals together. Eventually, they meet Judy (Vera-Ellen) and Betty (Rosemary Clooney). All end up on a train to Vermont to stay at an inn and enjoy the snow but when they arrive, it’s unseasonably warm. When they get to the inn, the boys are surprised to find that the man running it is their old Commander. A show is put on for him, and a romance blossoms between Bob and Betty, and it all ends with the snow finally falling in Vermont.

It’s a wonderful, cheery movie that is family friendly, funny, and entertaining. It probably isn’t so “Christmas-y” until near the end though (oh, and the beginning when Bob is singing for the troops in the snow). But after you’ve seen it a time or two, you’ll appreciate it as a Christmas movie.

White Christmas


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