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‘A Dog for Christmas’, starring Dean Cain, now filming in Rockford, MI

According to, filming for a new made-for-TV movie, entitled A Dog For Christmas, is underway in the Rockford, MI area.

Sunday the movie’s star, Dean Cain, was spotted joking with the cast and crew while shooting a scene at the Ninth Bridge Market in Ada. Local resident Bruce Snider (who’s son plays Cain’s son in the movie) said Cain was being kind to everyone. “He’s just a really, really super guy, just very cordial.”

A Dog for Christmas is being shot primarily in Rockford through Feb. 6 and will air in November on a cable network like Lifetime or ABC Family. Sherman Hemsley and Dustin Diamond also star in the movie. The movie follows a 9-year-old girl who wants a dog for Christmas. ”It is essentially, though, just about extended family getting together in a house at Christmas, and all the hilarity and mayhem that can ensue,” Producer Joel Reisig said.

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