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Movie Review: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Destined to become a family Christmas classic to be played year in and year out with kids and kin.   Yikes, strike that.  One thing for sure, this is NOT a family Christmas movie, unless your folks and kids reside in San Quentin.

With that said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yeah, I know, I slammed Bad Santa as the worst Christmas movie ever for being  crude, rude and plainly just hateful.  My views on Bad Santa have softened since the worst Christmas list was published.  However, Bad Santa committed the cardinal sin of comedies and that is not being funny.

I am pleased to say that A Very Harold and Kumar 3d Christmas is funny (at least mostly). And that mostly is based on what you find funny.  If you think raunch, drug addled tots, Claymation nudity and other wacked out stuff funny (much like the first two H and K movies, minus the Claymation nudity) then you’re in for one heck of a trip.  If you didn’t like the first two movies, then you certainly are not going to like this one.

It’s been six years since our heroic duo escaped Guantanamo Bay and piped a joint with George W.  Harold is now married to Maria and Kumar is still living the “high” life.  They’ve drifted apart to lead to totally different lives.

Fate and someone special have plans to reunite the Doobie Brothers and send them on their greatest adventure in search of the perfect Christmas tree.  Hilarity ensues with wild set pieces, including a huge stage number with NPH. For those of you who’re are not initiated in the H and K canon, that would be Neil Patrick Harris.  The search for the tree runs afoul of a Ukrainian mobster, the aforementioned NPH, old buddies and Santa.  That’s not all, we’re introduced to the Wafflebot, which is the new big thing this Christmas (at least in the movie).

So many things worked in the movie and very few didn’t.  The big plus is the use of 3D. It’s gimmick, we know it’s a gimmick and guess what the director knows it too.  He uses it greatly with great depth and everything from snowflakes to Christmas trees hurled toward the screen.  I’ll stop short of saying that they’re mocking the 3d gimmick, but it’s pretty close and they do it really well.  This is one that I would actually recommend seeing in 3d.

Without giving it all away, there you have it.  It’s a crude and raunchy movie, certainly not for kids or those who are easily offended.

However, I laughed and laughed and for me, that’s a good thing.

Harold and Kumar gives us great Christmas visuals as well (even though they mock some of them).  There’s no doubt it’s Christmas in the Harold and Kumar universe.

Did I mention Wafflebot, I really need one of those!








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