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Christmas Movie Review: All She Wants for Christmas

The Story: The Christmas spirit Noelle’s town is built on is threatened when the owner of its primary business, a Christmas-ornament company, decides to shut its doors. As the company’s efficiency evaluator, Noelle gets a double whammy: Not only is her job in jeopardy, but the new guy she’s seeing turns out to be a corporate mole! Now it’s up to her to use her ingenuity to save the business — and the town. Will she succeed?


Romancing the Christmas Factory!  That may be the alternate title for many, which includes me.

It seems that the Aiken’s Christmas Factory is struggling and when it struggles the whole community does.  Fortunately, the granddaughter of the company is an economics major who may (or may not) have the winning formula.  All that and she may find love in process.

I’ll be honest there’s not a whole lot to see here.  I found the film mildly entertaining upon first viewing, but second viewing I found it, at times, tedious and downright boring.

I won’t downright say skip it, because it is certainly worth checking out (at least one time).

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