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Christmas Movie Review: A Season for Miracles


“Overruled! This isn’t a trial but I, like saying that.”

The Story:

Emilie Thompson  is forced to take charge of her nephew J.T.  and niece Alanna  when their drug-addicted mother  overdoses and the kids are threatened with foster care. Emilie has nowhere to run until they land in the sleepy town of Bethlehem just before Christmas. Even though the authorities have been temporarily left behind, Emily will need a miracle to keep her family together. A versatile guardian angel, who assumes a variety of earthly guises, helps, along with the small town-folk who are surprisingly friendly. One coincidence after another gives the struggling family a chance at happiness. – Wikipedia


Most Christmas movies follow a predictable formula, especially those that have “Hallmark” in the title.  You know what, that’s not a bad thing.  Hallmark continuously produces these feel good, tear jerkers that fill us full of hope.  A Season for Miracles follows this template perfectly and should be the example to follow for years to come.  Hallmark has got it right, while ABC Family has been going steadily off course for the past few years.  It just does the heart good to know Hallmark’s feel good movies will be there every Christmas season.

A Season for Miracles was released in 1999, it still plays every Christmas season (and beyond) to bring hope to those in despair.

Emily takes her drug addicted sister’s kids for there own sake.  With nowhere to stay and certainly very little, if any, funds she takes the gamble of a lifetime to protect these two innocents.  Her car breaks down in a small town called Bethlehem, fortunately for her.  The story then begins to show that Christmas is most certainly “A Season for Miracles”, as shelter, food and even love enter their lives.

A Season for Miracles is truly a uplifting film, that brings a spark of hope and a tear to the viewer’s eyes.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must this Christmas season.  I give it my most heartfelt and highest recommendation.


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