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The Night Before Christmas-Tom and Jerry-1941


I wasn’t sure what to think the first time i watched Tom and Jerry’s version of ” The Night before Christmas” . I couldn’t image a  9 minute animated special with our favorite cat and mouse team being a animated classic that i would need to add to my yearly collection. However, I found myself ready to reserve a spot for it on my shelf after i had the opportunity to watch it as a kid.

The cartoon starts with a classic carol ” Deck the Halls” and then transitions into ” Noel, Noel”. At this time we go into a large house on Christmas eve night where Jerry comes out and notices a mousetrap with a piece of cheese tied up in a christmas bow right in the middle which Jerry carefully avoids at all costs.

Jerry then starts to notice the christmas tree, decorations and toys and starts exploring all the holiday decor. Tom makes his appearance and a classic chase scene erupts (with some fun christmas decor to assist) and eventually Jerry runs outside which gives Tom the chance to barricade the door and Jerry cannot get back in.


While Jerry trudges up and down in the heavy snow in a vain attempt to warm himself, Tom fluffs up his cushion and prepares to sleep. He is unable to settle himself; heavenly choirs sing carols, pricking Tom’s conscience with the message of Christmas peace and goodwill. He first props open the slot to allow Jerry back in and, when the mouse does not reappear, ventures anxiously outside to find Jerry, frozen. Fearing for Jerry’s life, he brings the frozen mouse indoors and warms him up by the fire. Slowly, Jerry regains consciousness, but is wary of the cat.

Tom hands Jerry a candy cane, his Christmas present. A delighted Jerry licks his cane, but then quickly reacts to prevent Tom drinking from his bowl of milk. He dips his cane into the bowl, and a loud snap is heard. Jerry uses the cane to fish a mousetrap that he had earlier planted in the bowl. Tom appreciates Jerry’s warning and the mouse runs back to his hole. He uses his candy cane to hook the cheese off the mousetrap. Instead of snapping like a usual mousetrap does, the spring slowly comes down, ringing the tune of ” Jingle Bells” as Jerry smiles in admiration to the “musical mousetrap.”

When watching this special,  it may only be a 9 minute story but there is a special feel about it. It captures a feeling that existed at Christmas when it was made and should still exist for all of those that truly love the holiday. A feeling of peace and excitement that is strong when Christmas eve is upon us.  Hanna and Barbera not only found a way to make us smile and laugh with the classic cat and mouse team but they tug at our emotions as well.

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